Arzu Kocabas

Co-Founder, Director of Finance, Regulations & Administration

Arzu has plenty of experience in Risk Assessment, Financial Analysis, Risk Assessment, Credit Management, Business Planning, and Financial & Data management. She worked for well-known corporations (Garanti Bank,
Mercedes Benz Financial Services Turkey, Turkcell, and Roche Diagnostics Turkey).

Arzu is the Co-Founder and Managing partner at AJH Edison.

Jag Tessouki

Co-Founder & Partner

Jag Tessouki is a serial entrepreneur, and investor with plenty of experience in innovation and product development.

He is the Founder of JM Edison, and Co-Founder of AJH Edison.

Hakan Duman

Co-Founder, Director of Business Development

Hakan holds an Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Middle East Technical University-Faculty, and a degree in Economics from the Hamburg University. He has plenty of experience in Product and Project Management,
He worked at EWE AG, and Airbus Deutschland GmbH.

Hakan is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at AJH Edison.